Counter the stresses of daily life by focusing on ease and relaxation. Postures will be taken using props to help student stay in them comfortably. Revitalize by opening the body, releasing mental tension, removing deep seated fatigue and bringing a sense vitality and vibrancy to the body-mind.


Gentle/Level 1

Take time to stretch, stabilize and balance. Basic postures are taken to restore and invigorate the body and mind. This class is designed for beginners and those who require foundational work with support. 

Level 1

A beginner class for new students and practitioners who would like to develop a solid base. Working with the fundamentals, this class will address mobility, stability, strength and alignment. 

Level 1-2

Basics and beyond. This is a mixed level course for new students who are ready to dive in, practitioners of other methods and experienced Iyengar yoga practitioners who would like to strengthen their foundation.

Level 1,2,3

An all-access class with variations for practitioners to work at their level and go deeper.

Level 3-4 & Sutra Study

A 2.5 hour practice and laboratory for depth, finesse and refinements. Access more advanced postures (inversions, balancings, intermediate forward bends and backbends) and various pranayamic (breathwork) practices. Explore the relationship between the practice and the ‘big questions’ about yoga, spirituality and the human condition. Philosophy text: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 

Start your day well with a practice that includes a broad range of poses and practice elements so you feel calm, energized and balanced. For level 1,2,3 students.

Morning Mix

A practice to support back health through postures that strengthen the back muscles, increase healthy mobility and create space between the discs. Beginners welcome.

Better Backs

Open Practice

For our community members who would like to do a quiet, self-directed practice in a shared space.

Deep Recuperation

Practice longer holds and deep postures that open the body, unlock the joints and create an inner state of quiet. A strong, penetrating practice to recharge. For level 1,2,3 students.

Strength & Core

Power up your practice the Iyengar way. Vibrant practice working skillfully.

Tractions & Openings

Special sequences for flexibility, strength and endurance that realign the body and wake up stiff, weak and sore areas intelligently. Rebalance the natural harmony of the body, creating ease and vitality. This innovative practice is designed to bring significant progress in a short period of time. 

Iyengar Vinyasa
& Jumpings

Learn the Iyengar approach to various types of linked poses, including sun salutations 'jumpings'. Energize with a dynamic practice to develop mobility, lightness and endurance.

Yoga for Teens

An invigorating and energetic practice in a supportive environment to build confidence, improve concentration and create mind-body connections. A mixed level class for teens, ages 14-19 who have previous yoga experience or are new to the practice. 15% discount for students. (For students who are under 18 and coming to the class for the first time, please come a few minutes early and bring a parent or guardian for initial registration).

Enhance performance, prevent injuries and develop balanced flexibility, strength and alignment. Release stress and learn to go inward through sustained concentration. A transformative practice that takes you beyond the physical body. A mixed level class for athletes and dancers or others who are interested, all ages welcome. 15% discount for students. (For students who are under 18 and coming to the class for the first time, please come a few minutes early and bring a parent or guardian for initial registration).

Yoga for Dancers & Athletes