"THANK YOU Ty Chandler and Sharoni Fixler for accepting the baton that was passed to you from Margot Kitchen and Shirley Daventry French who started the Iyengar yoga retreats about 25 years ago at the Casa Dulce Vida in the charming Centro section of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. With grace and immersion format a la Faeq you led me and my 17 other new Canadian friends to another re-birth. The pacing of the day aligned with the rhythms of Mother Nature, the practices themselves along with freshly prepared local food by sisters Nena and Rosa enjoyed on the terrace (aka Studio B) and gentle kirtan post-dinner/pre-sleep, all within the containment of the villa where we slept with the doors to our rooms wide open to the flora, town and ocean just beyond (no bugs to disturb us, how did you manage that?) swimming pool to cool and support us, natural semi-humid daytime heat and light, clean air, an incredible VIEW and sunsets, friendly participants, easy in and out airport runs-you left me with virtually nothing to challenge my equanimity! Such pleasantries all around! And with no desire to seek what was beyond what was in front of me, and inside of me."

Kristine Bell

Attending the Iyengar Yoga retreat in Puerto Vallarta was an incredible gift. Ty Chandler and Sharoni Fixler are such inspiring teachers, adeptly supporting practitioners in their yogic journey with precision, clarity and delightful humour(!) It was a truly nourishing experience. The community was kind, fun and dedicated to this path of learning together. The casa (accommodations) were beautiful! The casa has a stunning view of the entire city, ocean and distant mountain range. To enjoy lovely, fresh meals 3 times per day, and have your room tidied by caring staff, all in support of focusing on yoga practice, was something I have never experienced, and am now envisioning as (at least) an annual ritual! Heartfelt thank you to Ty, Sharoni, Deanna and fellow Yoginis and Yogis. Bowing to you all!

Jen Van de Pol

"The practices 'seamlessly' (with much planning, thought and expertise from Ty and Sharoni!) brought my abilities along. Felt incredibly relaxed, yet strong, healthy and accomplished in my own small way. The setting is fantastic to achieve all that you are trying to.... focused retreat in a private setting that supports camaraderie, yet options for alone time as you wish. A view and ambiance that promotes focus and relaxation for the practice. The evening music with the Harmonium was an added bonus! Post retreat: I felt 'clean' inside, healthy and invigorated. Coming down, I really did not know what it would be like with so many hours devoted to yoga each day, but the entire experience definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks again Deanna, Ty and Sharoni for making this such a memorable experience."

Kim Colpman

"An incredible week at Puerto Vallarta for a yoga workshop with great depth of knowledge and dedication from Ty and Sharoni. The intensity built on for the entire week down to the last minute as I took my last pranayama breath before hopping on my flight to head home to Victoria. The amazing week of asana, partner work, pranayama, restorative, inversions and evening Kirtan allowed me to immerse into yoga land at the beautiful Casa. I want more… What was that again? Tiriang Mukha Eka Pada …Paschimottanasana! I might have to return next year to practice saying that. Thank you for putting such an amazing week of yoga, I hope to return."

Tina Hickey

"Sharoni and Ty have amazing teaching experience that takes you deeper into the practice. The sequencing of each day, from the setting of the Mexican Casa to morning asana, chai tea, divine pranayama, evening inversions and Kirtan lets you really enjoy and embrace the complete environment...I am still glowing..."

De Orrell