terms & conditions:

I understand and agree that:

• The membership I am agreeing to is an auto-renewal contract, with a minimum 6 month commitment.

• My membership will continue to auto-renew at the same rate, on the same date every month regardless of whether I attend a yoga class or not.

• Should I wish to cancel this membership at any time after the initial 6 month commitment, I can do so by giving 30 days’ written notice via email, otherwise I understand that my contract will automatically continue.

• I authorize Calgary Iyengar Yoga to automatically charge my credit card on a monthly basis for the purpose of this membership.

• I will inform Calgary Iyengar Yoga of any changes to my credit card information (expiry date, card number, etc.) within 10 days of the next pre-authorized payment.

The charge for dishonoured pre-authorization payment is $50.00.

• I cannot place my auto-pay membership on hold at any point in time nor is it transferable to any other person.

• The penalty for terminating this membership before the initial 6 month commitment period is $200.00.