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Founded in 2011 in Lake Bonavista under its former name, Yoga For Health, CIY has become a hub for Iyengar Yoga in Calgary. We’ve been nourished and nurtured by the practice and our teachers, coming together from all four quadrants of the city. It has been a natural evolution for us to reside in a central location. In January, 2017 we began to offer classes at our Crescent Heights Community Centre and now have a temporary location next door to our new Centre, being built by friends and committed members of our community.

We are grateful and excited to continue to share the inspiration of Guruji’s work.

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Sharoni Fixler

Sharoni is the founder and co-director of CIY. Her yoga journey began 17 years ago and five years later she took her first workshop with Faeq Biria, who profoundly inspired her in the subject. Sharoni has a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She completed teacher training with Margot Kitchen in 2009 and has been mentored by her for over a decade. Sharoni practices locally with Norman Sjoman and continues annual training with Faeq and Corine Biria and Jawahar Bangera. She has taken multiple trips to Pune, India, to study with the Iyengars and is the Membership Chair and an Assessor-In-Training for the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada. Sharoni brings intensity and heart to her classes and encourages dedication and insight. She holds an Intermediate Junior III certification completed through the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada. 


Deanna Oliphant

Deanna is the co-director of CIY and has a deep respect and passion for the tradition of Iyengar Yoga and the culturing of intelligence and wisdom in body, heart and mind. Deanna has been involved in the community and practicing for over a decade. She’s studied with Margot Kitchen, Marlene Mawhinney, Eyal Shifroni, Usha Devi and Faeq and Corine Biria while continuing annual training with Jawahar Bangera and other senior teachers. In 2015, Deanna completed the Pre-Teacher Training Program and is currently working toward her Introductory Level II certificate. She continues to study locally with Sharoni Fixler. Deanna officially joined CIY in 2016, bringing her talent and commitment to studio management and community-building. Her teaching style is vibrant, sincere and fun.


Inga Norkute

Inga started taking yoga in 1994 in London Iyengar Yoga Institute where she mainly studied with June Whittaker Pisano. Soon yoga became a retreat for her in a busy London life providing stress relief as well as keeping the body strong and supple. Inga came to Calgary in 1999 and rediscovered Iyengar yoga at the Centre. She completed the Iyengar Pre-Teacher Training Program in 2013 as well as the Iyengar Teacher Training with Margot Kitchen. Inga holds an Intermediate Junior I certification completed through the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada. 

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Janet Harvie 

Janet was introduced to Iyengar yoga in 1996 in Portland Oregon. Her initial teacher, Julie Lawrence, and Senior Teachers Mary Dunn and John Schumacher inspired her love for the method. She returned to Calgary in 2003 and, after a long search, finally found her yoga home at Calgary Iyengar Yoga. Janet sees the practice of yoga as a gateway to self-discovery and she continues to deepen her understanding of Iyengar Yoga by studying annually with John Schumacher and other senior teachers. She completed the Pre-Teacher Training program as well as the Calgary Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program. Janet now holds an Introductory Level II certification completed through the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada. 


Lynne Swenson 

Lynne has been a student of yoga since 2000 and a teacher since 2007. She completed her Introductory II certification in 2016 through the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada. Lynne is passionate about Iyengar yoga because of its emphasis on balancing alignment with strength, stability and flexibility, offering access to contentment and integration through the practice. Students appreciate Lynne's open and caring approach, enthusiasm, precise instruction and knowledge of the subject. She is a full-time Iyengar yoga teacher and teaches classes for the visually impaired, a program offered by The Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind (ASRAB) and the Canadian Council for the Blind (CCB).

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Usher Fleising

Teaching yoga is the unexpected third career for Usher. After retiring in 2004 as Professor of Anthropology at the University of Calgary, he moved to Montreal to join his brother’s marketing company. In Montreal, he developed an appetite for Iyengar Yoga because it made him feel healthy, and the philosophy of the Iyengar method resonated with what he had taught at the university about the evolution of human locomotion. Returning to Calgary—and encouraged by family, friends, and his Iyengar teacher, Tim Ruddy—Usher completed his Introductory II Iyengar Yoga certification under the direction of Margot Kitchen (October 2016). His yoga journey includes participating in Yoga and Writing sessions, assisting in yoga classes for Multiple Sclerosis clients, and co-teaching yoga to men in drug and alcohol recovery. Important to Usher’s teaching practice are his 40 years of writing about and researching the evolution of the human body and mind.

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Susannah Horgan

Susannah was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in 2003 when seeking relief from a back injury. She quickly became captivated by the richness of the method, its accessibility to all through the use of props, and its balancing properties through sequencing. In 2013 she completed the pre-teacher training program, then joined the Calgary Iyengar yoga teacher training program with Margot Kitchen and her team. She completed her Introductory Level II certification in 2016. Susannah is grateful for the benefits of practice as a student and values the opportunity to share insights with others through her teaching. Her style has been described as gentle, clear and welcoming. 

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Santiago Arribas Picon

Santiago started taking yoga in 2001 at the Amsterdam Iyengar Yoga Institute where he mainly studied with Cle Souren. He moved to Calgary in 2013 and since then has been actively involved in the Iyengar yoga community. What draws Santiago to this method is its accessibility. He believes that people of all ages and abilities should be able to practice yoga. Iyengar yoga is life long journey, where consistent and sustained practice helps us better ourselves and connect us with the body, mind and soul. Santiago now holds an Introductory Level II certification, completed through the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada under the guidance of Margot Kitchen. 


Melanie Batycky

Melanie Batycky fell in love with Iyengar yoga after a 17 year career as a professional ballet dancer with The San Francisco Ballet, Alberta Ballet, and Lines Ballet of San Francisco. She completed her first yoga teacher training in 2012 and is currently working towards her Iyengar Yoga Introductory II certificate under the guidance of the Calgary Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Team. Over the years, she has attended many workshops with senior Iyengar teachers in both the United States and Canada. Melanie has found that the benefits of yoga go much deeper than just the physical body, as there is a transformation on both the mental and spiritual levels as well.

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Maureen McGarry

Maureen began her exploration of yoga in the 70’s in B.C. and found Iyengar Yoga in 2005, a journey which would lead her to her teachers, Margot Kitchen and Sharoni Fixler, in 2009. The tradition took hold of Maureen through the teachings, the ‘work’ and the connection of the physical practice to the psychological and spiritual aspects. In 2013, she completed the Pre-Teacher Training Program and is currently working towards her Introductory II certification. Maureen is honoured to have studied with many senior teachers through the years, including Marlene Mawhinney, Shirley Daventry French, Jawahar Bangara and Marlene Miller. The teachings of Mr. Iyengar are steeped in knowledge and the science of the body and breath, a place where we should all begin. It is a practice of acceptance and intelligence and an opportunity to teach, share and learn.

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Yvonne Abusow

Yvonne Abusow was introduced to Iyengar yoga in 2008 in Regina while working towards her first university degree. When she returned to Calgary she discovered Calgary Iyengar Yoga and has been practicing here since 2013. Yvonne is now working towards her introductory Level II certificate in the Calgary Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program. She spends a great deal of time working with youth as a teacher with the public school board, as an instructor for Summer Film Camps and as a high school Senior Boys Volleyball coach. Yvonne has experienced many positive mental and physical benefits of practicing yoga and is delighted to be able to bring the practice to young people so they too can experience the benefits.