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Puerto Vallarta Retreat Intensives with Ty Chandler & Sharoni Fixler

"Long, uninterrupted, alert practice is the firm foundation for restraining the fluctuations." ~ yogasutra I.XIV

Week 1: Restoration, Recuperation & Foundations
Sunday March 1 - Saturday March 7, 2020

+For beginner students who wish to discover yoga
+Those who have practiced other methods of yoga and who wish to know the Iyengar method
+Practitioners seeking deep recuperation and restoration
+Those who have stopped practicing for a while and wish to take it up again

Week 2: Level 1-2 Practice Intensive
Saturday March 7 - Saturday March 14, 2020

+Practitioners with at least 1 year of regular practice - Iyengar method
+Serious practitioners of an alternate method who would like to discover the Iyengar tradition

Week 3: Level 2-3-4 Practice Intensive
Saturday March 14 - Saturday March 21, 2020

+Practitioners with more than 2 years of regular practice - Iyengar method
+Practitioners with a regular home practice who can hold sirsasana for 5 minutes with variations and sarvangasana for up to 10 minutes with variations